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You asked for them and we delivered! Here are the hottest web design trends for 2019. What are trends? Web design trends can be thought of as techniques. They are things that can be done on your website to help make it stand out, help you get found, and help you visitors consume they content they want. It’s not always good to try and follow every trend you see, but trends are popular for a reason. Incorporating one or more of these popular web design trends of 2019 will help make your website look and feel current, and will help keep your visitors engaged with your content.

1. Video Backgrounds

As technology continues to advance, the use of video on a website has dramatically increased. Likewise, the use of video background has also increased, and we expect this trend to continue to grow for years to come. Video backgrounds can be displayed on almost any device, and can be rendered in a way that produces a “quick enough” loading time for most visitors. At Hatboro Design Group, we keep on top of this web design trend by applying video background with our favorite design tool, Elementor Pro. With Elementor, adding video background content is a breeze.

2. Asymmetrical (Broken) Grid Layouts

Grid layouts have been the standard of website design for decades, and a few popular brands are shaking things up by using asymmetrical grid layouts, also called broken grid layouts. These are blocks of content that would traditionally be broken up with white space are now given extra padding (space inside of the block) and overlapped. These blocks are most effective when used in combination with animations to produce this web design trend.

Web Design Trends for 2019

Web Design Trends for 2019

Web Design Trends for 2019


3. Non-Traditional Scrolling

Popular brands are finding new and interesting ways to scroll through a web page. This trend is just getting started, and we expect it to continue into a standard practice. When combined with animation, this creative scrolling approach keeps users entertained while your website illustrates a story with scrolling and animation.

4. Interactive Content (Mouse Scrolling & Animation)

A blast from the past! I can recall using the mouse move javascripts years ago to do some interesting things with objects when the user’s mouse would move. This trend is experiencing a resurgence with some very high tech and appealing design, keeping your users highly engaged with your content.

5. Minimalism

Minimal design can be a controversial topic between web designers and clients, however, study after study has proven that a minimalist design approach yields much better results. Web pages will load faster, and content is more easily rendered across our ever changing landscape of screen sizes.

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