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spoiler: we don't charge any fees for web design ;-)

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Our Approach

Our design approach is very unconventional and quite unique in the website design industry. Simply put, we don’t charge our clients to design beautiful websites, we only charge to maintain them and to keep them up-do-date and current. 

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The websites we design would cost between $7,500 and $15,500 at most professional design agencies. The total cost of the website would need to be paid in full before the website is ever published live. The client (you) would have no guarantee that the website is effective whatsoever. 

We think this is the wrong approach. We design your website for free, push it live to your customers for an entire month before you ever see a bill from us. Retainer design time is included in every monthly web design plan we sell at no additional cost. You may use this time to test different design aesthetics, or make any changes or updates you may periodically need.

We’re not your typical website design agency, and we’re proud of that.

your success is our success

our commitment

We have a saying around here: your success is our success. We believe this to our core. We know that if we don’t knock it out of the park for you, you’re out of here and on to the next agency. That motivates us to keep your website successful.



the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.

Quality is baked into everything we do. Every decision that is made with a design project is made with the question “how will this affect the quality?” looming overhead.

Check Out These Recent Design Projects

Utility Locator®
Utility Locator®

Utility Locator®

Utility Locator® is a Division of Trinity Subsurface Engineering, so when it was time to create a website for the new .com domain name, Trinity relied on Hatboro Design Group to create this high converting website. The site is designed to cater to the construction

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Trinity Subsurface Engineering
Trinity Subsurface Engineering

Trinity Subsurface Engineering

Trinity Subsurface Engineering is a happy Hatboro Design client. After learning how one of our competitors didn’t have Trinity’s best interest in mind when developing their first website, Greg contacted Hatboro Design to help save the day. After interviewing with Greg and other key personnel

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Kickin Parties®
Kickin Parties®

Kickin Parties®

Kickin Parties is an inflatable attraction rental company located in Hatboro, PA. They specialize in renting inflatable bounce houses and offer their customs a one of a kind appointment booking and management experience with their “Kickin” website, created and maintained by Hatboro Design Group. Hatboro

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