Your business absolutely should have a website in 2020. If you currently own a small business, you needed a website “like yesterday.”

If you spend any time researching marketing, listening to podcasts, or reading articles like this, you’ve probably heard influencers make the case that every business should have a website, but is this true? Does every business really need a website, or is this just hogwash to try and sell you something? Our position is YES. We believe every business should have a website. We don’t say that with the goal of selling more website design packages, either. We have a few points to cover that help to make our case.

A Website Gives Your Business Exposure

Does my business need a website in 2020?“You need to be spending time where your customers are.” Have you ever heard this? It’s actually true. If you want your business to be found or discovered by new customers, you need to be visible where they are. It doesn’t matter if your advertising your business or participating in the conversation, if your missing in action then one of your competitors is happy to take your place to be top of mind to your potential customers.

But where are your customers? Are they at the mall? The movies perhaps? Maybe they’re at the gym or doing some weekly grocery shopping? Of course they are doing all of those things, but trying to get in front of your customers at all of these locations is incredibly demanding and difficult. But what’s the one thing most of your customers can’t do without each and every day? The thing that they bring with them to the mall, movies, gym, and grocery shopping? Their phone of course! But not just their mobile device, but the Internet. It goes with them everywhere, right there in their pocket.

Go to your local mall next Friday evening, find an open bench, and just people watch for 10 minutes. How many people do you see browsing the internet on their phones, often while engaged in another activity? No matter where your customers are or what they are doing, your business website is a gateway to grab their attention and get exposure for your products or services everywhere they go.

Something to Refer To

Does my business need a website in 2020?
“I’ll send you a link!” That was one of the most popular phrases we would use in the engineering firm I worked in. Whenever we were trying to share some information about a business we would always send the companies website to the person we were talking to. It didn’t matter if we were talking internally to co-workers or making referrals to clients for services we didn’t provide, we would send them to the business’ website. From the website, our co-workers or clients could grab whatever contact information they needed.

If you don’t have a website for your business, preferably one that makes it easy to contact you, what are people sharing among one another? Remember, people are intuitively lazy by nature and in almost all cases prefer to take the “easy way” to accomplish a task. When it comes to sending someone your website link vs. writing an email out with all of your contact information in it, they would much rather just send a link. They key is to have a great website that makes it super easy for customers to contact you using the medium that best suites them, be it via social chat, phone, or email.

Fast Communication to the Masses

Does my business need a website in 2020?For some businesses, a website can serve as a central hub to quickly disseminate communications and information to their entire audience. For instance, if your gym needs to close for the afternoon due to an for bad weather or an unexpected power outage (for example): With a business website you can communicate with your customers on an unprecedented level with almost no effort or cost to the business owner.

The business can create one post on your website that informs anyone visiting of the situation. That post could also be instantly published to any number of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter automatically without any extra effort on the business owners part. It can be instantly and automatically emailed to an email list of subscribers or customers, saving the frustration of many who have gone through the effort of getting ready and commuting to your business only to find that it is closed. Automation is a wonderful thing 🙂


Build Trust & Authority 24/7

Does my business need a website in 2020?In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, it has become the standard practice to research and review a business’ website before making a purchase. Customers will scrutinize every aspect of a small business website before committing to even the most menial of purchases. I can speak from experience that if a business our engineering firm was considering to hire for services didn’t have a somewhat professional website, we didn’t look too closely at hiring that business. It may not be fair, but it is a common practice. With the amount of competition available in almost every business industry, most people don’t want to spend the extra time required to investigate a business that doesn’t have a website.

Your business website is your opportunity to build trust and authority with your customers. Let them know that you are the best solution to their problem and why. Your website can ensure that you are not only the best choice, but the only choice for your potential customers. Best of all, your website never sleeps, asks for time off, or needs a break. It is available to serve your customers on your behalf 24 hours a day, seven days a week, nights, weekends, and holidays.

More Affordable & Accessible Than Ever Before

Instead of asking “does my business need a website?” a business owner may want to ask “what is the benefit in not having a website?” Understandably, building your own website can seem pretty daunting and overwhelming. Content Management Systems, Domain Names, DNS Settings, Servers, and so on can be confusing. Maintenance and upkeep of your website can be something that is complicated and confusing as well. Luckily, businesses like Hatboro Design have made it not only much easier, but much more cost effective to get your business online and back in the 21st century. In decades past, professional and functional websites were a luxury for the elites, the big boys, the brand names.

business website design

Gone are the days of the past, however. More and more agencies are offering website design and marketing services on a subscription model. Instead of being asked to pay $10,000 or more for a website to be designed up-front, agencies like Hatboro Design Group are offering design, development, maintenance, and marketing services on an affordable monthly plan. We’ve eliminated the upfront cost barrier that has prevented small businesses from having a professionally designed website for many years. Our plans include all of the maintenance and up-keep your business website will ever need while you are a client. You never have to worry about that again.

Our plans have been designed to help small business owners free up cash flow and time to invest in other areas of their business. Purchase new equipment, hire additional staff, or invest in additional marketing strategies with the savings. As long as your business is successful, we’re successful.

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