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We will analyze the effectiveness and consistency of your design on multiple points and aspects: fonts, color, imagery, icons, etc. We will provide tips on how to optimize your design to improve readability and user engagement.

Mobile Design & Layout

We will test your website on multiple devices and identify any issues we find. We will provide recommendations on how to best optimize for mobile website visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

We will look at your website code and make recommendations which could improve your ranking and help search engines to interpret your content correctly.

Social Media

We will analyse how your website will respond to social media sharing and also recommend ways to improve readability and user engagement when shared on the different social media platforms.


We will test your website performance in terms of page load speed and the technology used to power your website. We will help you understand what is needed to improve website performance and page speed, which is critical.


We will look at your content and make sure it is well formatted and placed on the site to optimize readers digestion of the written content to maximize SEO and user conversions.