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Est. 1965

Control Systems Built to Last

Established in 1965 by William L. Stelter, Master Control Systems has been Leading the Way in Fire Safety for over 40 years. We manufacture Fire Pump Controllers for fire sprinkler systems entirely within the US.

Because our Controllers are designed with innovative features that benefit the user and are engineered for long term reliability, we call our product line “The Intelligent Choice”. Our controllers, including our invention – the Variable Speed Fire Pump Controller, meet and exceed the requirements of NFPA 20, UL, and FM.

In addition to the world’s best line of Fire Pump Controllers and Jockey Pumps, Master Controls also manufactures high reliability stand-by and float service Battery Chargers as well as an extensive line of Industrial Control Panels including pumping panels for duplex, triplex and variable speed applications.

Master Control Systems remains a family-owned and operated business.

Master Fire Pumps


Master Control Systems Established

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Primary Reactor Controller Patent

In 1990 we patented the high-efficiency Primary Reactor Controller.

Volt and Amp Meter

In 1991 we were the first to provide a Volt and Amp Meter.


Invented Leading Phase Monitor

In 1992 we invented the Leading Phase Monitor

Complete Submittal Package Program

In 1998 we patented a Complete Submittal Package Program.


Paperless Pressure and Alarm Recorder Patent

In 1999 we patented the Paperless Pressure and Alarm Recorder.

EMC Testing & Certification

In 2000 Master Control Systems was the first to pass EMC Testing & Certification.


Remote Internet Access

In 2002 we were the first to provide remote internet access to a Pressure Recorder

Variable Speed Controller Invention

In 2003 we invented the Variable Speed Controller.


UL Approval

In 2003 our Variable Speed was the first to be UL Approved.

FM Approval

In 2008 our Variable Speed was the first to be FM Approved.


Pressurized Wet Parts

In 2009 we were the first to put all pressurized wet parts outside all controllers.

Variable Speed Jockey Pump Controller

In 2010 we invented the Variable Speed Jockey Pump Controller.


G4 Innovation

In 2013 we created the G4 Innovation.

Looking Ahead

Not content to rest easy, Master Control Systems has been forging ahead with its invention of the Variable Speed Controller. We have sold and installed more VFDs than any other company, and have the most in-depth understanding of Variable Speed applications in the world. So when it comes to Variable Speed, there's only one place for you: Master Control Systems!

Future Innovation

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Master Fire Pumps

Over the past 40+ years, Master Control Systems has been dedicated to quality, service, and leading the way through innovation. In order to meet these goals, we have worked tirelessly on creating the best products on the market.

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